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  • A little Background

    I have been a wildlife biologist for 40 years, an Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service for 2 field seasons, and I am a student of history, especially in the Western states and my relatives involved in the Revolutionary and Civil War.

  • Interests

    I am interested in American History especially the history of my relatives that took part in the Revolutionary War and the War of Northern Aggression. My Grandfather moved west with the railroad in the late part of the 1800’s to Idaho from North Carolina. My great Grandfather was a member of the Confederate Army and near the end of the War was a POW in several locations in the North. My father is a veteran of World War II serving as a mechanic for bombers and two of my uncles were also in the U S Army Air Corps during that War and one uncle was a Navy medic in the South Pacific action of the War. I hope to offer a few blogs about birds and other wildlife on a regular basis.

Books for Your Preusal

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    Medal of Honor

    It is the personal narration of a Park Ranger who worked at Little Bighorn National Monument and the accurate stories about the most mysterious battle of the Western Indian Wars conducted by the U S Army in 1876.

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    Good Times in Old Genesee: A Tale of Two Families

    A personal and historical recollection of Genesee, Idaho from a former resident, a trip in time to his childhood ranch and beyond, back to the pioneers, in the Genesee valley of North-Central Idaho.

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    My Latest Book

    A chronical of my time as a Wildlife Biologist. Subscribe to my email list above for more details as we get closer to publication.